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image stitching

Image stitching or photo stitching is a technique used to create high- resolution panoramic images from multiple photographs. Stitching is the process of seamlessly stitching together several detailed photographs into one large, high-resolution image.

Stitching programs work with various algorithms and fixation points. They stitch detailed images together into one overall image without cutting edges, taking into account different exposures and dynamic ranges. The quality of the stitching depends on the pixel and image alignment and the exact definition of the reference points.

Panoramic photo with image stitching. Photo:

Panoramic photo with image stitching. Photo:

Stitching is ideal for photos that extend beyond the normal focal length of digital cameras. The photos can be displayed with their own aspect ratio in super resolution without distortion. In addition to displaying panoramic photos, the stitching technique is also used in art photography, medical imaging and satellite photography.

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