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if this then that (IFTTT)

If This Then That (IFTTT) means "If this, then that". It is a decision criterion for event-basedtasks that depend on a user-defined event. IFTTT is a web service with which actions or reactions are then triggered as soon as a corresponding event occurs.

If the IFTTT condition occurs, certain pre-specified tasks are executed. The IFTTT algorithm is used in event-driven architectures( EDA).

Insmart homes, for example, the lighting can be switched on automatically at dusk under IFTTT conditions, or the heating system can be switched on when the room temperature falls below a certain level. Likewise, the telephone could be switched over from a certain point in time, or an alarm could be triggered as soon as a motion detector detects a person. In addition to the examples mentioned, there are a variety of web-based IFTTT conditions, such as forwarding emails, saving graphics, etc.

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