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identity of things (IDoT)

With the Identity of Things (IDoT), objects in the Internet of Things( IoT) are uniquely identified by a Unique Identifier( UID). Thanks to the unique identifiers, the devices, objects and components can communicate with each other.

The UIDs also assign metadata to the objects, which together with the UID uniquely define the identity of the objects. The Unique Identifier makes each object in the Internet of Things uniquely addressable. In order to ensure secure and efficient communication between the IoT objects, further information about the object is of crucial importance. Thus, their lifetime and life cycle. The latter can be extremely short and can be based on the time taken to send data packets. Or the relationships that exist between the various objects of an IoT, or the type of authentication, since certain multifactor authentications( MFA) on biometric data cannot be used with objects.

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