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identity and access management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management(IAM) is a central security concept that structures all administrative activities and makes them traceable, avoids unintentionally active application accounts, reduces the number of possible sources of errors during administration and detects identity theft.

The identity management and access management system generates the access rights of employees throughout their entire period of employment. All applications used are centrally administered, controlled and logged as auditing. This enables precise control of who has access to what information.

The centrally managed personal data as well as their access and usage rights are transferred from the central office to the connected access systems. As a result of centralization, all entries are always consistent and at the same level. At the same time, centralization reduces administrative effort.

Identity and Access Management is suitable for location-independent access of employees to company resources and can be used to increase security protection. It also provides sufficient protection against unauthorized access by employees who have left the company but whose access rights have not been deactivated.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) can also be moved as Identity as a Service( IDaaS) to the cloud of a Cloud Service Provider( CSP), which manages the identities and authentications.

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