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hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)

A hybrid electric vehicle

(HEV) equipped with an electric drive works with two different drive systems: an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. There are different concepts of how and when which drive system is used or whether both are combined. One concept works in parallel operation. In this case, both drives, the electric motor and the combustion engine, are optimally combined and both motors act directly on the drive axle.

Concepts for electric vehicles

Concepts for electric vehicles

The serial concept is different. In terms of drive technology, this concept works exclusively with the electric drive. The combustion engine drives a generator that charges the batteries. This electric car variant is referred to as a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), whereas the former variant, in which the batteries have to be charged at a charging station

, is referred to as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

(PHEV). The electrical system for both concepts is generally a 48 V electrical system.

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