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hybrid cable

Hybrid cables and composite cables are special forms of data cables. While the hybrid cable consists of two different optical fibers, the composite cable contains two different transmission media, for example optical fiber and TP cable.

Hybrid cables can be used in campus and premises backbones, where monomode fibers and multimode fibers are used. Composite cables, on the other hand, are a combination of TP cable, optical fiber or coaxial cable.

Structure of a hybrid cable, graphic: Huber + Suhner

Structure of a hybrid cable, graphic: Huber + Suhner

In structured cabling, the composite cable, consisting of TP cables and optical fibers, plays a role. It can be used for specific applications and has the advantage that it is faster and easier to install than the corresponding individual cable types. Since the cables have a common outer jacket, it is also recommended for use when the cables have to be laid in aggressive ambient conditions.

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