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human interface device (HID)

Human Interface Device(HID) is the user interface for all input and output devices that allow direct manual functional input into a computer. HID devices include, in particular, keyboards, computer mice, graphics tablets, and joysticks, but also special input devices controlled by voice or biometricdata.

Human Interface Devices know the Host and the Device. Communication takes place between these two entities. The HID devices - computer mouse, keyboard, etc. - are the input devices on which the operator enters his functions. The entered data is transmitted to the host and triggers the corresponding function. Windows supports USB HIDs through its own HID drivers. In addition, there are special Bluetooth profiles for HID devices, which are flexible and essential parts of which are used in the USB HID.

Wireless mice or wireless keyboards work with short-range radio in license-free ISM bands at 27 MHz, 433 MHz and 868 MHz, especially when distances of several meters have to be bridged. The disadvantage here is that certain frequencies are allocated only for specific regions. Still others rely on the ISM band at 2.4 GHz, such as wireless mice and WirelessUSB.

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