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human computer interaction (HCI)

Human Computer Interaction(HCI), sometimes also referred to as Human Machine Inter action( HMI), is a development field that deals with the interaction between humans and computers.

In human- computer interaction, the goal is to harmonize human behavior and communication with the techniques used in computer technology. This HCI interaction must be studied, planned, and designed in an application-specific way so that it can be used for communication between humans and computers. It involves usability and behavioral aspects, knowledge transfer, learning aspects and cognitive computing, implementation of creative ideas, structuring of texts and multimedia objects, and integration of many application-specific tasks. Social aspects flow into HCI development, as do ergonomic, psychological and cognitive aspects. The results can be seen in the various user interfaces and their operating orientations. The best known are graphical user interfaces, speech and gesture controlled user interfaces such as those used in Natural User Interface( NUI).

HCI activities take into account national, social and cultural differences, as well as the nature of communication. One example is the one-hand operation of smartphones.

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