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human centric lighting (HCL)

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a lighting technology that focuses on human well-being. Light and lighting have emotional and biological influences on people, their performance and health. This is demonstrated not least by the colour rendering index already implemented in light-emitting diodes, which ensures a feel-good atmosphere with high index values.

Human Centric Lighting stands for dynamic lighting that adapts to the course of the day and the season. It can be used equally for living rooms, workplaces, operating theatres, sickrooms, meeting and conference rooms. By changing the light influences, the light radiation and colour temperature, the biorhythm of the people living and working in the rooms is influenced in such a way that their performance and regeneration phases are optimised and they feel good.

The technical implementation of HCL lighting uses LED luminaires that can be varied in brightness and colour tone. Corresponding LED products are designed for indoor lighting and their white tone, which is expressed in the colour rendering index, can be continuously adjusted between warm white, neutral white and cool white.

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