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hue, saturation, brightness (HSB)

In the HSB color model, the three parametersHue (H), Saturation (S) and Brightness (B) are available as definable numerical values. This color model corresponds to the HSL color model, in which "L" stands for Lightness.

In the HSB color model, the color circle forms a cone bottom in which the individual color tones are defined by angle and value specifications: Red has the angle 0°, yellow has 60°, green 120°, etc. The center axis is the achromatic axis for achromatic colors between white and black and stands for the brightness. The color saturation is defined by the vector length between the center axis and the outer cone boundary. The color saturation for the given hue increases from the center axis, where it is zero, to the edge of the circle. At the edge of the circle it is 100%.

HSB color model

HSB color model

This color model is implemented in graphics programs and can represent a total of 23.6 million colors. This number results from the 8 bits for the brightness, the further 8 bits for the color saturation and 360 possible values for the hue.

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