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  1. In mobile communications technology, WLANs, Bluetooth and satellite communications, a hotspot is an access point or node in a wireless network. A hotspot is a spatially limited radio range that can be restricted to a room, a hall or a production facility. Such hotspots are often found in hotels, airports, exhibition halls, train stations and convention centers.
    Infrastructure of a hotspot

    Infrastructure of a hotspot

    If the hotspot is formed by a mobile device or smartphone and is connected to the Internet via the mobile network, it is referred to as a mobile hotspot.
  2. In screen displays, a hotspot is the area in an image map that can be activated by the mouse pointer. It is a sensitive area within a text or graphic that, when activated, creates a hyperlink to another page. In case of a graphic or a photo, it is the imagemap. In the hotspot, the mouse cursor changes, and at the same time the link address is displayed in the status bar.
  3. In the case of motherboards in personalcomputers, a hotspot is the area of extensive heat generation, such as in the central processing unit( CPU), the chipset or a graphics card.
  4. On the Internet, hotspots are jump marks in a document. Hotspots can be image maps, which are linked parts of a graphic or table, but also words within a text. Such hyperlinks on words are called hotwords. Hotspots and hotwords can be recognized by the fact that they are color-coded or typographically marked and that the cursor symbol changes as soon as the cursor is moved over the hotspot or hotword. Both the hotspots and the hotwords make it easier to navigate through HTML documents.
  5. With Wireless Power Transfer(WPT), hotspots are areas built into charging mats, powermats or hotspot tables for energy transfer.
    Hotspots with Qi standard for Wireless Power, Helios

    Hotspots with Qi standard for Wireless Power, Helios

    The wireless power hotspots consist of flat coils that emit magnetic fields. For wireless charging of mobile devices, these are placed on the hotspot and receive the transmitted energy with their built-in secondary coils.
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