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hot standby router protocol (HSRP)

The Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) is a Cisco proprietary protocol designed to ensure high network availability. HSRP routes IP traffic from hosts onto Ethernet networks without relying on the availability of a single router.

This feature is especially useful for those hosts that do not support a router discovery protocol such as Internet Control Message Protocol( ICMP) or ICMP Router Discovery Protocol( IRDP) and are unable to switch to a new router if the selected router fails or is in the process of being reloaded. Without this functionality, a router that loses a default gateway due to a router failure will not be able to communicate with the network.

HSRP frame

HSRP frame

The HSRP protocol, similar to the standardized Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol( VRRP), ensures that only one interface with a virtual MAC address and the virtual IP address are active at any given time. The protocol works with Ethernet, Token Ring or FDDI and is described in RFC 2281.

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