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Hot plugging or hot plug is a technology with which computer components can be exchanged during regular operation. This technology is supported by various buses and interfaces and can be seen in Plug-and-Play( PnP), among other things. Well-known interfaces that support hot-plug are the USB interface and FireWire according to IEEE 1394, but the SATA interface, SCSI interface, High Definition Multimedia Interface( HDMI), DisplayPort, Digital Visual Interface( DVI) or PCI Express also support hot-plug technology.

Hot-plug offers special advantages in storage technology, as it provides better expandability and scalability of the storage disks as well as higher serviceability, and this without having to shut down the storage system. For this reason, hot-plugging plays a special role with SATA.

With SATA, hot plugging is achieved by a modified design of the SATA connector. The contact tongues of the SATA connector are designed with different lengths, which means that when a memory component is plugged in and unplugged, it is supplied with certain voltage levels for longer or sooner. The contact tongues therefore have three different lengths.

When a component is plugged into a SATA system, three connection levels are activated between the hard disk and the host system. The longest contact tongue has ground levels. It avoids electrostatic discharge( ESD) and ensures that there is no voltage difference between the hard disk and the host system ground. The second longest contact tongues are used in conjunction with the overcurrent protection to ensure that no excessive insertion current surge occurs. And the shortest contact tongues provide the connection of the remaining supply voltages as well as for the data lines.

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