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home subscriber server (UMTS, NGN) (HSS)

A Home Subscriber Server (HSS) is the central subscriber database of the System Architecture Evolution ( SAE) in LTE networks (Long Term Evolution), in which important subscriber and subscriber information is stored.

Functionally, the Home Subscriber Server corresponds to the Home Location Register( HLR) and the Authentication Center (AuC) in GSM networks. The information stored in the HSS server is used for Mobility Management( MM) and user identification, and thus for access to the mobile network. Also entered are the services to which the subscriber has access and his location information.

Architecture of the Evolved Packet Core (EPC)

Architecture of the Evolved Packet Core (EPC)

The data stored in the HSS server includes the subscriber number, the international mobile subscriber identifier( IMSI), which is used to determine the subscriber's home network and to research the subscriber data, the mobile networks authorized for the subscriber and the data for authentication.

The HSS server is directly connected to the Mobility Management Entity( MME). Communication takes place via the Diameter protocol, an upgrade from Radius.

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