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home network device (DLNA) (HND)

The Digital Living Network Alliance(DLNA), which deals with the standardization of home networks, has regulated the interoperability between products and services in its DLNA Interoperability Guidelines. There are several product categories whose proper functionality is certified by DLNA.

The first product category includes Home Network Devices (HND), which support the same media format and network connectivity, the second product category includes Mobile Handheld Devices( MHD), and the third, Home Infrastructure Devices( HID), provides connectivity between the two previously mentioned product categories.

The Home Network Devices (HND) product category consists of five different device classes that use the same media formats and connectivity requirements. These are Digital MediaServer( DMS), Digital Media Player( DMP), Digital Media Renderer( DMR), Digital Media Controller (DMC) and Digital Media Printer( DMPr).

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