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home gateway (HG)

The home gateway (HG) is a gateway that lies between the access network and the home network and supports the various technologies used in home networking. Functionally, a home gateway corresponds to a smart meter gateway( SMGW). It implements the connection between the home network and the Internet with the various services.

Since the technologies for building automation, smart lighting, energy management, consumer electronics and security technology are isolated applications, some well-known companies are developing a common language with which the various systems can communicate with each other. The home gateway provides a suitable platform for this.

The technologies of home networks can be wireless, as with Bluetooth or HomeRF, but also wired via cabling. For example, via telephone cables or power lines using Powerline Communication( PLC). The home gateway should accept these different technologies and be compatible with the existing home networking. It should include the entire home and all connected devices and ensure that no third party gains unauthorized access. Within the home network, the home gateway must perform switching functions.

Concept of a home network with a home gateway

Concept of a home network with a home gateway

Further aspects lie in the requirements for the various services. The data rate is of particular importance here, since home networks provide services that require the highest data rates. For example, digital TV or HDTV. Determining the data rate depends on the service, but it is also determined by the service mix, the topology, the required quality of service and the connection type.

The specifications for the home gateway are developed by the Home Gateway Initiative( HGI).

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