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high power amplifier (HPA)

High Power Ampl ifiers (HPA) are microwave transmit amplifiers used in ground stations of satellite transmission systems. They amplify the microwaves so that they can be emitted from the parabolic antenna with an appropriate transmission power

(EIRP). HPA amplifiers use RF power transistors constructed as Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTA) or Solid State Power Ampl

ifiers(SSPA) using Travelling Wave Tubes (TWT), Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Trans

istors (GaAs-MESFET), High Electron Mobility Trans

istors(GaN-HEMT) or LDMOS transistors. They amplify microwaves in the frequency bands used for satellite communications. These can be frequencies in the S-band at 3 GHz, in the C-band at 6 GHz, in the X-band at 8 GHz or in the Ku-band

at 14 GHz.

Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) for 5.8 GHz, photo:

Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) for 5.8 GHz, photo:

The power range of the High Power Amplifier is up to several 100 W. In addition to the gain factor, the power efficiency

is a key characteristic of high power amplifiers. HPA amplifiers amplify highly transformed frequencies that are fed to the parabolic antenna via waveguides or high-frequency cables.

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