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high frequency engineering

The term high-frequency technology or RF technology is used so comprehensively that it can refer to both the frequency-related and the transmission-related consideration, as well as to the connection, circuit, device or analog technology.

When considering the frequency, it can be seen that the term RF technology is not only used for the frequency range ofhigh frequency ( HF) between 30 kHz and 300 MHz, but also for much higher frequency ranges up to microwave and the associated microwave technology.

Various coaxial cables, photo: Siemens

Various coaxial cables, photo: Siemens

In terms of transmission, RF technology includes wireless transmission, i.e., radio technology, but also wired transmission, such as transmission via cable. It includes all modulation methods and equally the transmission of analog and digital signals regardless of the modulation signal, which can be voice, audio, video, data or any other signal.

As far as RF components are concerned, a distinction can be made here between passive and active components. These include RF cables and RF connectors, antennas, LNB converters, RF transistors and other RF components.

Yagi antenna with multiple directors and reflectors

Yagi antenna with multiple directors and reflectors

In terms of circuitry, RF technology includes all electronic circuits that generate RF signals, such as oscillators, mix, such as mixers, amplify, such as RF amplifiers, select, such as RF filters, IF amplifiers or duplexers, or switch, such as coaxial relays.

In terms of equipment, transmitters, transponders and receivers, RF measuring devices, RF generators and head ends can be assigned to the term RF technology, and in terms of systems and equipment, the range extends from antenna systems to community antenna systems, cable distribution networks, WLANs, and mobile and stationary transmitting and receiving stations.

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