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high capacity - spatial division multiple access (HC-SMDA)

High Capacity - Spatial Division Multiple Access (HC-SDMA) is a multiple access method standardized by Alliance of Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), which is used in GSM standard, iBurst and IEEE 802.20

. HC-SDMA supports broadband wireless connectivity for fixed, portable and mobile computers as an access method. It works with an intelligent antenna array

with which the RF coverage and transmission capacities are significantly improved. Thereceiving device can also move at the speed of a car or train.

In the HC-SDMA access protocol, all RF characteristics of the transmitting and receiving device are specified, the transmission frequencies

, thetransmitting power and the receiving field strength

, the interference emissions

and thepulse shaping. In addition, the frame structures for the various burst types, for uplink and downlink traffic, paging and broadcast are specified. Furthermore, modulation and forward error correction (FEC), interleaving and scrambling

arespecified, as well as all channel-relevant parameters and error recovery

. The data rates of HC-SDMA are 1 Mbit/s per end device and are to be increased to 5 Mbit/s.

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