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head related transfer function (HRTF)

In the development of binaural audio systems, the time-of-flight, frequency and level differences of the sound reaching the human ear play a crucial role. The influence of these parameters

is called the head related transfer function (HRTF). The HRTF functions refer to the sound that reaches the ear directly or indirectly as reflected sound from walls, ceilings and furniture. The brain also evaluates reflected, diffuse sound and also the sensation of sound produced by turning, lowering or raising the head. All sound waves

, direct, indirect, reflected and diffuse, determine binaural hearing. The HRTF technique is also used in sound retrieval systems (SRS), among other things. In this technique, a comprehensive sound field is generated via two loudspeakers, which gives the listener the impression of spatial reproduction with the possibility of locating individual instruments.

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