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hard polymer clad fiber (fiber optics) (HPCF)

An HPCF fiber (Hard Polymer Clad Fiber) is a hybrid optical fiber in which the optical core is made of quartz glass and the optical cladding is formed by a specially patented hard plastic layer.

The optical core and the optical cladding of the HPCF fiber do not form an inseparable unit as in All Glass Fiber( AGF). The cable sheath surrounding the HPCF fiber is made of Tefzel. The core diameters of HPCF fiber range from 100 µm to 1,000 µm, with a core diameter of 200 µm and a cladding diameter of 230 µm being typical. It can be used in the infrared and ultraviolet wavelength range and at temperatures between -65 °C and 200 °C.

Like the polymer fiber, the HPCF fiber operates with visible light at 650 nm, but has lower attenuation and lower dispersion compared to the plastic fiber. HCPF fiber is used in ATM, among other applications, where it is specified by the ATM Forum for transmission of 155 Mbit/s over 100 m. It is also used in sensor technology, medical technology and nuclear technology.

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