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graceful degradation

  1. Graceful degradation is the term used to describe the behavior of a computer or system that reacts responsively in the event of a fault and ensures fault tolerance. This is why the term Graceful Degradation is also used for fault-tolerant behavior.Systems with Graceful Degradation can continue their operation in the event of faulty functions of individual components without losing data. Such graceful degradation systems are particularly suitable for applications in which fault tolerance is required. For example, in systems with high availability, in Disruption-Tolerant Networks( DTN) and in those that are vital.
  2. In web design, Graceful Degradation is used for scaling down large web pages so that they can be displayed on tablets or smartphones. Since web pages rendered on desktops or laptops cannot be rendered 1:x scaled down on tablets or smartphones, degradation refers to changing the web layout so that the rendering has fewer columns or a smaller column width. In this technique, called Responsive Web Design, the web display adapts to the screen resolution. Texts, graphics and videos are variable in size and are displayed optimally on the lower resolution displays. The number of columns also adapts to the smaller screens.
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