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government OSI profile (GOSIP)

Government OSIProfile (GOSIP) are regulations for the US authorities. GOSIP defines a subset from the multitude of available OSI-based standards in order to achieve the highest possible interoperability of applications in the government sector.

For example, the first version of GOSIP from 1988 defines the different layers as follows: In the linklayer, Ethernet is defined under 802.3, as is Token Ring under 802.5 and the broadband system used in the Manufacturing Automation Protocol (MAP) under 802.4. For the link layer, only the Connectionless Network Protocol (CLNP) is permitted, and for the transport layer, the OSI transport protocol of transport class 4. For layers 5 to 7, GOSIP provides for Message Handling System (MHS) and File Transfer Access and Management (FTAM).

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