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gouraud shading

Gouraud shading belongs to



for the representation of three-dimensional bodies with curved surfaces. In this method, the polygon edges that are visible in

flat shading


smoothed to such an extent that they are no longer visible.

For this purpose, in Gouraud sh

ading thecolors of the corner points of each individual polygon are interpolated and the shading is calculated via this linear interpolation of

thepolygon edges and scanlines. Each individual polygon

has a color gradient within it, which is determined by the edge values of the adjacent polygons.

Gouraud Shading. Graphics:

Gouraud Shading. Graphics:

Jason Allen Doucette

Jason Allen Doucette

Gouraud shading is suitable for rendering complex solids with curved surfaces and displays realistic, edge-free gradients. The color gradient is approximated on the polygonal surface of the curved surface.

Representation of shading methods with surface cut

Representation of shading methods with surface cut

Thedisadvantage of this shading method is that the color gradient can only sufficiently contour surfaces that are irregularly strongly curved if the polygons are made smaller.

Gouraud shading is the standard method of graphics cards.

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