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globally executable MHP (GEM)

Globally Executable MHP (GEM) is an ETSI standard that forms the basis for most globally deployed digital video applications. This is the case for the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) for DigitalVideoBroadcasting( DVB), the Open Cable Application Platform (OCAP) used in North American cable networks or the Advanced Common Application Platform( ACAP) used in US broadcasting.

All these platforms form the basis for terrestrial, satellite and cabletelevision( CATV) in the case of interactive television.

DVB-GEM is network independent and can be used in various digital broadcast networks. GEM does not represent a direct specification, but guidelines for deriving specifications. All GEM standards such as BD-J, Multimedia Home Platform (MHP), Advanced Common Application Platform (ACAP) or OCAP platform use Java and have a high interoperability among each other regarding content. This means that the content can be accessed via the various carrier media such as satellite or broadband cable network as video-on-demand or as an interactive service.

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