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global mobile satellite standard (GMSS)

For global satellite services, Global Mobile Satellite Standard (GMSS), such as Teledesic, Ellipso, Iridium or Globalstar, the International Telecommunication Union( ITU) has defined the service code (0)881 as the country code.

This service code is used by the operators of global satellite services such as Ellipso, Globalstar or Iridium. Since various satellite operators share the service code for GMSS, the ITU has established an identifier for the satellite operators for the first digit following the service code. For example, the ICO system has service codes of (0)881 0 and (0)881 1, Ellipso/ICO-Teledesic has numbers (0)881 2 and (0)881 3, Iridium has numbers (0)881 6 and (0)881 7, and Globalstar has numbers (0)881 8 and (0)881 9.

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