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global mobile personal communications by satellite (GMPCS)

GMPCS development is directly related to the globalization of telecom services. Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite (GMPCS) is a personal communications system for global, international and regional satellite communications.

The satellites used by GMPCS are LEO satellites such as Globalstar or Iridium, which carry services directly to the end user.

Satellite handset from Qualcomm

Satellite handset from Qualcomm

However, geostationary satellites (GEO) and MEO satellites are also considered as possible satellites, as are narrowband and broadband satellites. Participants in the GMPCS service use mobile satellite phones for communication. Services available include voice service, fax, message and data transfer, and broadband multimedia services. GMPCS is intended to provide these basic services in developing countries and in rural and remote areas.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which is working on the GMPCS issue, is taking care of the regulatory aspects in this context as well as the connections to existing networks.

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