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global directory service (GDS)

The Global Directory Service (GDS) is a higher-level component in a directory hierarchy. The GDS service is described in X.500 and interconnects numerous directory services in large organizations. These contain the important information about network services, applications, files, connected network components and their users

. Uniform directory services are very important because they form a consistent system

with which thenamed resources are described, located and managed. If the directory services are inconsistent, this means that the end user has to use different accounts and passwords

tolog in to the systems and he has to know the exact location of the system within the network.

As for the administrator

, he has to know how to manage each directory service and inevitably has to perform many operations more than once. Therefore, there are many requirements for global directory services to work efficiently and satisfactorily in enterprises. These requirements include, for example, centralized management with which the administrator can centrally manage all enterprise resources. The end user must be able to log in anywhere with one access authorization. Business managers must be able to react quickly and flexibly to changes with such a system, and ultimately it must be standard-compliant.

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