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global data synchronization (GDS)

Global Data Synchronization(GDS) is a concept used by the industry for the global data synchronization of product and company data throughout the entire value chain.

In the GDS system, the product and company data is created by the manufacturer or supplier and made available to the trading partner or supplier. The data is converted into a uniform Global Standard One( GS1) compliant data format and stored in data pools. The GDS system guarantees that manufacturers and resellers have access to the same data.

In the GDS system, there are two data pools: the source data pool, Source Data Pool, and the recipient data pool, Recipient Data Pool. In Global Data Synchronization Networks( GDSN), the two data pools are connected via the GS1 Global Registry. The registry provides the possibility to find products andchecks the entered data in terms of standard compliant notation, uniqueness and consistency.

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