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gigabit WLAN

Now that the IEEE 802.11nworking group is pushing ahead with the first activities for standardization of high-speed WLANs with 600 Mbit/s, Gigabit WLAN is already under discussion.

There are concrete approaches for Gigabit WLAN, on the one hand by the "Very High Throughput( VHT)" 802. 11ac working group, and on the other hand by the 802. 11ad and 802.11ay working groups, which concentrate on the 60 GHz band, and by the 802.15.3.c working group and the Wireless PersonalArea Network(WPAN) designed by it.

The data rates for the WLAN concepts mentioned are 1 Gbit/s and far above, up to 6.9 Gbit/s. In addition to the IEEE concepts mentioned, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding the WIGWAM (Wireless Gigabit With Advanced Multimedia) project, which is also designed for data rates of 1 Gbps. There is also the European research project OMEGA for an ultra- broadband home network. For this research project, in addition to wired solution approaches, there are also wireless ones such as Visible Light Communication( VLC), in which visible light is modulated.

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