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gibi (Gi)

The prefix gibi (Gi) is a prefix standardized by the International Electrotechnical Commission ( IEC), based on the exponentiation of the dual system. The gigabinary, gibi, corresponds to a value of `2^30`, i.e. 1,073,741,824. There is a difference of 7.4% between a gibibyte, which is based on the binarysystem, and a gigabyte, which is based on the decimal system.

Prefixes for the dual system according to the

Prefixes for the dual system according to the "International System of Units (SI)".

Storage capacities should be specified in gibibytes (GiB) if the standard is used as a basis. The prefix Gibi, like the other prefixes based on the dual system, is defined in the System of Units( SI).

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