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geographical web

The classic Internet

is fixated on content that is selected from the infinite data pool via keywords. In contrast, the Geoweb is sorted by locations that can be assigned to persons. This means that the Geoweb can be used to determine the location where a person is currently located.In the Geoweb, the location techniques of navigation mobile phones are combined with the cartographic display options of the Web

andstored with location-based information. This can be location-based services (LBS), with which the user

is shown the cinema programme of the nearest cinema, the special offers of a department store or the menu of a restaurant. It can also be information on structures, buildings or mountains, which are displayed to the mobile phone user after he has photographed the corresponding motifs.

Satellite image of Berlin-Mitte with marked monuments, GoogleEarth

Satellite image of Berlin-Mitte with marked monuments, GoogleEarth

The Geoweb approach goes further. Inaddition to the LBS services mentioned above, it includes geographic monitoring of people, such as schoolchildren or dementia patients who have strayed from their school route or got lost, it supports meeting with friends by informing them of the location of the inquirer, or it automatically detects traffic situations by determining the speed of movement on traffic routes and motorways on the basis of a large amount of mobile phone data.

Geoweb services could be used to create movement profiles and transmit their state of health via personal measurement data.

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