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generic transport layer (GenICam) (GenTL)

Industrial image processing was originally characterized by the Generic Interface for Cameras( GenICam) in combination with Gigabit Ethernet for Machine Vision( GigE Vision). It was not until the GenTL interface, Generic Transport Layer, that other image processing standards could be included, regardless of the transport technology and transmission media used.

GenTL as the transport layer of GenICam

GenTL as the transport layer of GenICam

GenICam and GenTL together form the basis for existing and future standards. Each of these standards may have its own characteristic features in terms of data cables and connectors, it may have its own control functions for the digital cameras, or it may have different communication controls in terms of transport protocols, error correction or software interfaces. In this context, GigE Vision, CameraLink, USB3 Vision, 1394 B version, CoaXPress and Thunderbolt should be mentioned. All concepts for industrial image processing that are supported by GenTL.

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