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generic interface for camera (GenICam)

GenICam stands for Generic Interface for Cameras. GenICam is a generic software interface for industrial image processing. It forms the camera interface between the transport layers represented by GigE Vision, CoaXPress, USB3 Vision and CameraLink, the Generic Transport Layer( GenTL), and the user.

GenICam simplifies and automates the configuration effort when connecting proprietary digital cameras. In industrial image processing, when a digital camera is connected, the respective camera type must be configured with its parameters for line rate, frame rate, gain, gamma correction, and so on. GenICam simplifies this configuration effort. The GenICam standard provides for the digital camera to be found by the computer, "Device Detection", for the digital camera to be configured,"Register Access", for events to be handled, "Event Handling", in order to be able to communicate with the application, and for data to be streamed,"Streaming Data". The digital camera communicates its configuration data to the computer. The computer in turn queries the digital camera during operation to determine whether this or that function is supported.

USB3 vision camera from Matrix Vision

USB3 vision camera from Matrix Vision

GenICam provides the user with a graphical user interface that displays the features of different digital cameras in the same way, regardless of manufacturer or camera type. This applies to both the designation, which is standardized by the Standard Feature Naming Convention( SFNC), and certain camera-specific functions.

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