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generic attribute profile (IPSP, Bluetooth) (GATT)

GATT profiles, Generic Attribute Profile (GATT), are Bluetooth profiles for industrial use. They are transmitted with the Attribute Protocol( ATT).

The client- server model for consists of the GATT server and the GATT clients. GATT server provides the data to the GATT clients, which can query them. This is sensor data of physical quantities such as pressure, temperature, vibration or other values. The GATT client can be an app on a smartphone and retrieve the values from the server.

Since there are many different measured values in the industrial sector, the GATT profiles are grouped into meaningful groups. In them, the behavior of the devices is defined and their use is described. The established frame structure defines the procedures and service formats and their characteristic features.

The GATT profiles, of which there are over 50, are only applied in Bluetooth Low Energy( BLE). They include management profiles, sensor profiles, and access control profiles, among others. Through them, a network node or smartphone can be specified as an intermediary and handle the authentication of Bluetooth devices that want to be included in the Bluetooth network. Corresponding smartphones can take over several functions at the same time.

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