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generic access profile (DECT, Bluetooth) (GAP)

The Generic Access Profile (GAP) is an air interface standardized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute( ETSI) for radio telephones that operate according to the DECT standard. GAP uses 6LoWPAN, which stands for IPv6 over Low Power Wireless PersonalArea Networks, as its switching protocol.

The Generic Access Profile is a basic Bluetooth profile and describes the functions that a Bluetooth module must perform at the lowest level. This includes connection establishment, supported operating modes and data packets, and authentication. GAP profiles can be used to establish connections between different mobile radio systems such as GSM and DECT. With Bluetooth, the connection is made via the Bluetooth address with which the Bluetooth devices identify themselves. During the identification of the devices, information about the device class is also exchanged.

Since the GAP profile is a profile for connection management and authentication, this profile must be supported by all DECT devices or Bluetooth devices.

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