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generator lock (Genlock)

Generally, synchronization problems occur when processing video signals and displaying them on a monitor if two independent synchronization pulses

are involved. The reason is that there are always minimal time differences between two synchronization signals. These synchronization problems are shown by the fact that one of the two video images is stably synchronized, the other one shifts horizontally or is unstable in itself. Only when both video signals use the same synchronization signal are they displayed stably.

The Genlock(Generator Locking

), an external synchronisation signal, ensures this. The Genlock signal is a central synchronisation signal and takes over the synchronisation functions for all connected video devices. It ensures that all video units are firmly coupled to the genlock signal. The connected video devices such as video cameras, editing and mixing stations, fade-in and fade-out devices, video recorders, digitizers, computer graphics cards and also monitors thus have no time offset between each other.

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