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generator junction box

The generator junction box (GAK) is an electrical component in photovoltaic( PV) systems that protects the system with its solar modules and the inverter from damage and overvoltage.

PV systems consist of solar cells that are combined as arrays to form solar modules. The PV modules can be connected in series or parallel to form strings. When the solar modules are connected in series, the voltage generated increases and the current generated remains the same. It is different with the parallel connection: the voltage remains the same, there is an increase in the nominal current. Since the shading of a single PV module has a negative effect on the generated solar power of all PV modules when the PV modules are connected in parallel, a bypass is created with Schottky diodes and the shaded PV module is bypassed in terms of current.

Regardless of whether the PV modules are connected in series or parallel, the PV module strings are connected directly to the generator junction box (GAK). It forms the interface between the PV modules and the inverter. Depending on the size of the photovoltaic system, one or more strings can be connected to a generator junction box.

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