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function key

The keys of a PC keyboard or cell phone keyboard are grouped together. On PC keyboards, there are areas for the alpha keyboard and the numeric keyboard; furthermore, there are key areas for special functions, cursor keys and function keys.

The 12 function keys are located at the top of the keyboard. They are marked with the letters F1 to F12 and make work easier because they support the direct call of functions. Some of the function keys have fixed functions, while others are assigned their functions by the operating system.

Key arrangement on a standard keyboard

Key arrangement on a standard keyboard

In Windows, the function keys F1, F3 and F5 are assigned by default, the others are used programmatically. Thus, the function key F1 can be used to open the help page of the respective program, F2 can be used to quickly rename files and folders, F3 can be used to activate a search window in the respective web browser, and F4 can be used to call up a list of Internet Explorer addresses. F5 is for updating the web page, F6 for marking the address bar of the browser, F7 is for grammatical corrections, F8 for extending the marks in Word, F9 can be assigned a function, F10 activates the entries in Word and Excel, F11 is for changing the display of the browser display and with F12 can be saved in Word and Excel.

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