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full frame CCD (FF-CCD)

With CCD sensors, the charge states of the individual potential wells, which are very small capacitances, must first be read out before a new image can be taken. Otherwise, the charges on the potential wells used as transfer registers would be affected and distorted. There are different methods for the readout technique, each with different characteristics.

For example, the full frame method( FF-CCD) uses the mechanical shutter during the readout process to prevent further exposure. The FF process uses the full sensor area for the recording, hence the name full frame. As long as the shutter is closed, no light falls on the image sensor and no further exposure takes place. The full frame CCD technology is not used in digital cameras, but in astronomical instruments.

In addition to the full frame method, there are also Frame Transfer CCD( FT-CCD), Interline Transfer CCD( IT-CCD) and Frame Interline Transfer CCD( FIT-CCD).

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