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frequency plan

The Frequency Utilization Plan (FreqNP) is a plan developed by the Federal Network Agency(BNetzA) for the Federal Republic of Germany that specifies frequency utilization in the frequency range between 9 kHz and 275 GHz. It is constantly updated and is based on the Telecommunications Act(TKG). It was drawn up with the participation of the federal government, the states and the counties.

The Frequency Usage Plan goes into detail about the radio services and the frequencies allocated to them, as well as the terms and conditions of use. It is divided into the frequency ranges between 9 kHz and 27.5 MHz, 27.5 MHz to 10 GHz and for the range between 10 GHz and 275 GHz. It covers inductive and infrared applications, all public and private radio services, mobile communications, satellite radio, broadcasting, military applications, amateur radio, aeronautical radio, marine radio, radar applications and radio technologies in the license-free ISM bands.

The frequency usage plan can be downloaded from the Federal Network Agency.

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