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frame transfer CCD (FT-CCD)

The frame transfer technique( FT- CCD) is a method for the readout process of CCD sensors. With CCD sensors, all charge states must first be read out before a new image can be taken.

The frame transfer technique uses a masked, opaque area on the sensor chip that is not affected by the exposure, and shifts the charge image of the exposure to this area. The area, acting as a buffer, has the same perimeter as the capture area. Once an exposure is made, the charge image is shifted to this area and read out from there. The advantage over Full Frame CCD( FF-CCD) is that the following exposure can already be made when the charge image is in the darkened area.

In addition to the Frame Transfer CCD (FT-CCD), there are also Interline Transfer CCD ( IT-CCD) and Full Frame CCD (FF-CCD) and Frame Interline Transfer CCD( FIT-CCD).

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