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The term footroom is used in audio and video technology

  1. Inaudio, it is the level range that lies between the noise and the least perceptible sound. The level between the footroom and the headroom is the dynamic range of the sound. If the footroom increases or the headroom decreases, then the dynamic range also decreases. The footroom is the limit to prevent the noise from becoming audible, the headroom is the range to prevent the audio signal from being overdriven. The dynamic range can be calculated from the signal-to-noise ratio( SNR), the footroom and the headroom.
    Relationship between headroom, dynamic

    Relationship between headroom, dynamic

    , footroom and signal-to-noise ratio

    , footroom and signal-to-noise ratio

    The different playback technologies of radio and storage media have different values for SNR, footroom and headroom and achieve a dynamic range of 60 dB to 80 dB and more, depending on the medium.
  2. Indigital video technology, footroom is the signal area below 0% white, the so-called ultrablack. This area is suppressed when the signals are transmitted. Originally, this area was used to intercept negative signal peaks, so that no undercutting and possibly sign reversal of the video signal could occur. A digital video signal can thus use an additional 7% free space without underflowing into the white area. On modern DVDs and in the corresponding players, these values are reproduced and thus increase the available signal dynamics.

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