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fleet management system (FMS)

Fleet Management Systems (FMS) are interfaces for telematics applications in automotive technology. Fleet management for field service and service fleets, for courier services and transport companies can be realized via this cross-manufacturer interface.

For route planning, fleet management systems can derive their data from location and navigation. In addition to the GPS system, mobile radio services are also available for determining location. Depending on the mobileradioinfrastructure and the size of the radio cell, these services can determine position to within a few hundred meters.

Fleet management program from Kienzle Automotive

Fleet management program from Kienzle Automotive

In mobile radio-based fleet management systems, the network operator transmits the position of the driver's cell phone or a GSM/ GPS module to the fleet operator. Automatic vehicle locators ( AVL) work according to this concept. The fleet operator uses the transmitted position and processes it in geographic information systems( GIS) or in the classical way with maps and tables for route planning, which in the simplest case is transmitted to the driver's cell phone via short message service( SMS). Corresponding services are also offered directly by mobile operators.

Other tasks of fleet management systems include position evaluation and idle time determination, location tracking and fuel data monitoring, as well as the collection and processing of diagnostic data, which is continuously recorded while the vehicle is on the road, customer-specific toll accounting and business trip evaluations. In addition, some fleet management systems have interfaces to merchandise management systems.

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