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flat shading

Flat shading is one of the simple shading techniques for computer graphics for the representation of three-dimensional bodies with curved surfaces. Flat shading is supported by practically every graphics card

. In flat-shading

, theillumination of a polygonal body is evaluated at a surface point and the color facets are displayed with the determined color. Each individual polygon

is displayed with one color. Since the abutting polygons have different colors, the edges in the polygon meshes are clearly visible. The polygons themselves have no color gradient. Simple 3D bodies with non-curved surfaces like a cube have accordingly one polygon per cube side, so in the case of the cube a maximum of three cube sides in three color shades are visible.

Illustration of shading methods with surface section

Illustration of shading methods with surface section

The flat shading method is a relatively simple but all the more powerful method used for fast calculation of design work and modelling.

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