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flat bed plotter

In the flatbed plotter, also known as an XY plotter, the paper or film is in a fixed, static position on the flat plotter bed. Ink or felt pens are used as plotter pens. The plotter pens are mounted on a carriage that can be controlled in both coordinate axes.

During the plotting process, the carriage is steered in the X and Y coordinates to the position where the plot is to begin. During the actual plotting process, the drawing pen is pressed onto the media

. If a line is plotted, the drawing pen remains in the pressed position while the carriage is moved in the X and Y directions by stepper motors.In multi-color plotters

, thecolored drawing pens are in a magazine located on one side on the flatbed


When the color is changed, the drawing pen with the selected color

is retrieved from the magazine by the carriage, while the previously used drawing pen is deposited in the magazine.

Plotter pens, photo:

Plotter pens, photo:

The standard language for plotter controls is Hewlett Packard Graphics Language (HP-GL). It is used to control the plotter pens, to raise and lower the pens and to change the pens.

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