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filter based OADM (FOADM)

In the case of optical add/drop multiplexers (OADM), configurability was a key development objective at an early stage, which was pursued in the various development phases. Hence the various OADM versions such as BOADM, COADM, FOADM, ROADM and TOADM


OADM versions

OADM versions

In filter-based add/drop multiplexers, FOADM, thin-film filters were used to select wavelengths, which could add or remove individual wavelength channels from the many wavelengths of DWDM systems. Since the channel spacing for DWDM is only 100 GHz, they worked with a filter bandwidth of 50 GHz and optical frequency interleavers. The configurable FOADM multiplexers had the designation COADM, C for configurable.

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