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file shredder

A file

shredder is a file shredder. It is functionally comparable to a file shredder. Like a file shredder, it shreds files so that they become unreadable. With most operating systems, when files are deleted, they remain on the hard drive. Only the access to the file is prevented for the user. Only the pointer that links

to the stored file is deleted. This prevents the user from accessing the file, which is still contained on disk. Since the file's space is available as a result of the deletion, that space will be overwritten. The only question is when. As long as the space is not overwritten, the file is on the hard disk. An alternative to file shredding is to overwrite the files with word salad, the Hard Disk Overwrite. A more radical way of data destruction, where all data is certainly destroyed, is hard disk shredding, hard disk destruction.

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