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figure of merit (FOM)

A Figure of Merit (FOM) is a figure of merit used to evaluate a process, performance, or technology relative to its alternatives.

Figure of Merits are used in many electronic, transmission and production engineering processes. These include modulation techniques, coding, chip manufacturing, battery performance, noise, solar cell efficiency, and lighting efficiency.

An example of a Figure of Merit (FOM) is the selection of alternative metals for the vias in chip fabrication. This involves the metal with the lowest resistivity.

Another example illustrates the relationship between the maximum gain of a receiving antenna and the equivalent noise temperature of the receiving equipment. This value is usually expressed in decibels per kelvin( dB/K). It is a measure of the ability of a ground station to receive a satellite signal with good carrier to noise ration( CNR). In general, the CNR ratio improves with increasing antenna diameter.

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