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field of view (VLC) (FoV)

The field of view (FoV) can be the field of vision or field of view of a human being, the radiation area of light sources or the aperture angle of antennas and sensors.

In lighting technology, radiation areas are the areas illuminated by light-emitting diodes, LED luminaires and OLEDs. The beam area depends on the angle of radiation of the light. For displays and VR headsets, it corresponds to the viewing angle. In virtual reality, a wide beam spread is crucial for comprehensive, lifelike representations. The image resolution of displays and VR glasses can be specified with the characteristic value pixel per degree( ppd).

An example in which the angle dependence of the FoV value can have a negative effect is VLC technology or LiFi, which use visible light as a transmission medium. If LED lights are used as VLC transmitters, data can only be transmitted if there is a line of sight between the VLC transmitter and receiver and if the VLC receiver is in the field of view. With a smaller beam range, a greater distance can be bridged with the same light output, and a wider beam range results in a greater reception range, which increases the mobility of the VLC receivers in space.

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